Here I am

Here I am


So finally I’ve got my act together and started to use the domain I have had parked for over a year.  Hello everyone and happy Tuesday.

Already I have a dilemma – I’ve been asked to go to Zurich next week for work, but I have a ticket to see Van Morrison do Astral Weeks at the Becon Theatre for Wednesday night.  What to do? Stay posted and find out what happens.

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With a fairly unusual first name, this is where I have to stress VERY STRONGLY that these posts are my personal opinions and in no way reflect anything at all to do with my employer. For employer-approved content, take a look at my work blog.
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  1. carmel corrigan says:

    Hi, long time no hear. Don’t know if you will get this but I have tried to e-mail you. Hope this finds you well. Feel I’ve lost track of where you are at but enjoyed reading your blog and really sorry to hear about your dog, she/he looked amazing, my girls will enjoy seeing the pics tomorrow, please get in touch if you have a moment, I’d really like to know how you are and where your life is at, much love, carmelx

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