What’s the deal with Austin?

It occurred to me this week that 2/3 of the women I have loved in my life ended up in Austin, TX.  That seems a pretty big coincidence to me and I wonder what the attraction is (apart from weather, music, laid-back lifestyle, good mexican food, and the original Whole Foods).

Now, I’ve been to Austin and it’s OK, but it’s still Tejas and therefore pretty weird to me as a transplanted Englishman.  And with all this talk of a new Republic of Tejas, I wonder what will happen to good ol’ Austin?  I imagine something like the pre-89 Berlin, with secure transit in and out (except not by train – this is Tejas after all).  They could rename the Austin airport  to Austin Tempelhof in honour – they are both pretty close in to the city.

Anyway, now I’m humming that George Strait song and it’s not often I have country tunes in my head.


Meteor City is actually in AZ, right by the meteor crater, but the sky over it looks a lot like the sky over the Tejas Panhandle and the truck I was driving was the truck I used to take to Austin, so there’s a more than incidental relationship.

Update – actually, I just remembered that I was in Austin the day that the Berlin wall came down (11/9/89) so it’s strange that the idea of Austin as Berlin came to me.  Or maybe not, perhaps that’s where these links in the mind come from.

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