Citi Field

As a resident of New York City (and therefore a partial contributor to the $800 million cost of the new stadium), I’m interested to look and see what my tax dollars have contributed to.  Cliff Cate was in town and suggested a Mets game, so we headed out on Tuesday night to catch a Mets/Braves game. 

The new ballpark is nice (as it should be!) and the Jackie Robinson Rotunda is impressive, although I did wonder about the rain blowing into the open space, just proving my English-ness.  Beer is less expensive than Yankee stadium (which is not saying much), and there’s an open area on the second deck “Promenade” level for more overpriced and unhealthy food and drink.

Overall, very nice; I never made it to Shea so I can’t compare it and I’m hardly a ballpark connoisseur, but architecturally it does the job.  I look forward to comparing to the home of the evil empire for a Redsox game some time this summer.


We also managed to see the first ever streaker at the new park.  His friend put the video up on YouTube here.  Allegedly there is a mandatory one year prison sentence for that – if it’s true that’s an absurd waste of police and prison resources.

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