Spring weather in NYC

It’s cold(ish), windy and rainy in the city today and it made me reflect on the strange spring we have had so far – alternating substantially above-normal temperatures with below-normal.  I wanted to see if this perception was just in my head or whether the pattern was real, so I headed off to Weather Underground to see what the actual temps have been over the past month.

I had to dig a little, but I was also able to get daily averages for May from MSN (although when I tried to import the data into Excel it crashed).  Bottom line is that the positive anomalies were 5-10 degrees F above normal, but the lows were almost all still above average.  I think it’s 20+ degrees change in highs within a week that fools us!


I’m not going to make any kind of climate change argument here except to point out that an expected result of climate change is increased climate variability, particularly in the transitional seasons.  I didn’t research windiness or wind gusts against average, but I’d also expect those to be higher as the various colder and warmer systems come through and set up pressure gradients.

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