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I’ll admit I’m torn on Japanese culture (and I realize how absurd that statement is).  I love to be in Tokyo and hope to visit the rest of Japan some time – particularly Hokkaido – and I love Japanese art and design.  Their architecture and craft are among my favourites too.

Where I have a major issue, though, is the whaling and dolphin-killing.  It’s very hard to forgive that and see past its influence on the culture as a whole.  I’d like to believe (as I have read) that support for these is an older generation thing and dying out, but I have nothing direct to base that on.  I know I did see a whale meat restaurant in Asakusa when I was there last.

All the above notwithstanding, this is fantastic (via Susannah Breslin at BoingBoing):

From “Eye of the Beholder” by Anton Kusters:

“I’m in the front seat, riding with Soichiro in his car on his way to Shinjuku. “One cuts off one’s finger to make a point”, Soichiro explains while driving. “Usually to show the sincerity of an apology after doing something wrong.”

“You cut off a single digit of your own finger in a ceremonial way, while facing your boss, and then you present the severed finger on a folded napkin to him. It reinforces the power of your apology. It shows that you’re serious about what you’re saying.”

Somehow, i don’t feel like questioning that.”

(Image credit: Anton Kusters. Via This Isn’t Happiness.)

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