Rainy and Windy

We have English winter weather today in NYC – pouring rain, winds gusting to 40 mph.  Reminds me of so many days and nights in the north of England and also feels like Wellington too.  I get a really clear image in my mind of arriving at the Old Dungeon Ghyll in Langdale just as the sun goes down (around 315pm or so) and packing in next to big fireplace to dry off and warm up.  But I could just as well be walking along the waterfront in Wellington harbour towards Te Papa with a detour for scrambled eggs and tea at the Victoria Street cafe.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s comforting while at the same time being cold and wet – it must speak to some deep part of my upbringing or psyche.

But what it also points out is the absolute requirement for some kind of fireplace in my apartment – but is that even possible?  It just seems the right thing – to hear the wind blowing outside, the rain lashing against the glass of the windows, and to be sitting on the couch warm and snug watching the fire.

(It also reminds me of the need for me to finish my project on internal double-glazing using plexiglass and magnetic tape – these old windows are attractive, but very draughty).

Time to research smokeless, ventless fireplaces, because I don’t think I’ll get permission to stick a smokestack through the wall with a nice wood stove on the other end.

Wet dogs, good beer, warm fire

Wet dogs, good beer, warm fire

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  1. Geoff D says:

    Hope all is well with you.. would be great to see you down in NZ sometime.

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