Greetings from the Aloft hotel in Ashburn, VA where I’m watching over 24″ (60cm) of snow fall and now blow all over the place.  It’s fun to be part of snowmageddon or sn_omg, but I’d much rather be home than stuck in a hotel even though I do get to watch stupid TV and movies and just be lazy.

The really annoying thing, though, is that I was supposed to be running the NYRR gridiron 4M tomorrow morning and now I won’t get home in time – which is a bummer.  Who’d ever have thought I’d be upset about missing the chance to run 4 miles in below freezing temps early on a Sunday morning?  Oh well, at least Kim will get to sleep in and stay warm tomorrow.

It’s funny because I keep bringing my Dulut sensibility to this event – where it wouldn’t have been that big a deal.  I forget that I’m in Virginia with a rented Chevrolet rather than Minnesota driving a Saab with Nokia snow tires or the 4×4 suburban. 

Before I decided to stay tonight I walked out to the main road and it doesn’t appear to have been ploughed at all – this is a major 4 lane highway, not a side street!  The hotel staff also told me that roads all around here are blocked by fallen trees as well.  Plus the drivers on I95 in Philly and Baltimore are suicidal on a good day, so probably not a good idea to be out there today.

So thanks to United Airlines for putting me in this position.  Thanks for not communicating the status of flights at IAD (as Kim says, I get 4 twitters an hour when the weather is bad in ORD or SFO, nothing this time) until it was already too late to outrun the storm.  Thanks for not cancelling the flight until 1 hour before even though IAD was essentially closed the night before.

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