It’s been a while

Apologies for not updating in a while.  New job, new laptop, lots of things going on.  I was in Steamboat springs skiing for a week in early April (fantastic – will definitely be back there next year), then down in Melbourne for a couple of weeks as soon as I started with TEAM,  Been back almost two weeks and I’m heading back to Aus on Monday.

I’ll update with some pics over the next week or so, but I did want to reflect on a couple of things.

I posted some goals in late February and have already achieved 1 1/2 of them:

  • I started my new job with TEAM Informatics in mid April
  • I finished the NYC half marathon on March 21st in 2:22:32

The other thing is that the pile of paperwork, bills, files, and stress that has squatted like an ogre in the corner of my dining table for almost 6 months is finally gone.  The process of reclaiming order in my life is well underway!

About Raoul

With a fairly unusual first name, this is where I have to stress VERY STRONGLY that these posts are my personal opinions and in no way reflect anything at all to do with my employer. For employer-approved content, take a look at my work blog.
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