Take a moment to reflect on luckiness

I just picked up 5 rolls of film I had developed and printed at my favourite lab (Yeah, I know, I’m old school).  In that collection were some pics from Buenos Aires last year (great buildings in San Telmo), wonderful snow covered Lake District in the UK (from New Year), and four rolls from Australia on my last trip – Great Ocean Road, Bells Beach, Mornington Peninsula.

You know, sometimes all my traveling sucks really badly, but the upside is that I’ve had the chance to visit some absolutely wonderful places in the world.  Remind me of that next time you hear me complain about flying, jet lag, and hotels 🙂

Ill scan and upload some pics soon – actually look for links to a whole new photography site in the autumn / fall (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere – opposite for my antipodean friends)

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