Hot and cold

OK it’s weather rather than climate – but as we are in record-breaking heat in NYC, it’s record cold in Alice Springs.

But Michael Mann used the word “trick” in a private email that was stolen and published, so clearly all the science to date is junk and there’s no issue with climate change.

Climate change will cause more extreme weather events around the world and we will tend to see evidence for these before we see overall systemic change.  No individual extreme event can be attributed solely to anthropogenic climate change, but a pattern of them certainly bolsters all the other observational data and models.

How many more of these events do we need to have before people take notice? And how many people around the world will die so people in the US can continue to live in 6,000 square foot homes?

Oh, I forgot, Al Gore is fat and lives in a big house – never mind.


If you are interested in learning about climate, climatology, palaeoclimatology, and anthropogenic climate change – here’s a good start:  In particular, look at this section.

Stay cool or warm – wherever you are.

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