How much does AT&T suck? Let me count the ways

My original iPhone is finally dying and I decided it was time for the iPhone 4 upgrade.  In fact, I tried to get on board that train the first day of release, but AT&T’s crappy website left me without a reservation (just as well, it turns out, because I was told even people with reservations waited in line for 5 hours plus at the soho store).

Anyway, I finally ordered the phone a couple of weeks ago and, after some glitches on the order site (AT&T’s not Apple), it went through and my lovely device arrived Friday.  I was able to synch it immediately to iTunes as a clone of my existing phone which is great – everything came over, even including my alarm clock settings.  But as it had to resize 3000+ photos for the new screen it took a while so I left it to process while we went out Friday night.

Saturday morning, I’m excited to activate the new phone and call AT&T – but what’s this?  I can only activate my phone Monday to Friday?  What the fuck? Head online – fill out all the information (isn’t this the phone you sent to me?  Why do I need to type in two 15 digit strings and the order number that matches my account?  I’ve already authenticated with you.)  And…. nothing.  The page tells me it may take 15 mins to 4 hours to activate my phone, but 36 hours later there’s still no signal.  The phone itself works just fine – connects to wireless, uploads apps and gets iTunes, just no phone activation.

OK, well;  I’m waiting patiently till Monday morning and as of now (1020am), I’ve called AT&T three fucking times and have yet to get through to a person – I keep being put on hold for ten minutes or more then get a message saying they are experiencing “technical difficulties” and then disconnected.  “Difficulties?”  No shit!  You have difficulties running a business and not alienating your best customers who spend $3-700 / month with you.

Do I really like the iPhone enough to put up with this? (not even getting into the 6-10 dropped calls a day, while sitting still, in Manhattan!)  I’m starting to wonder; and every additional hour my $200 paperweight sits here I reassess some more.

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