Sick while traveling

Always a pain.  Heading back to the US tomorrow and very much looking forward to getting home, rested and back to my usual diet, sleep habits and workouts.  I’ve been in Townsville, Cairns, back to Townsville, Melbourne, and now Sydney.  Hasn’t helped that it’s been cold and rainy here in Sydney and I’m coming down with a bad cold right before my flights home.  Oh well….

Townsville is a nice-ish quiet town with a great seafront called the Strand.  5km out and back which added up to 4 miles with the distance to and from the hotel (Holiday Inn salt shaker building if you’ve ever been to Townsville).  Then up to Cairns to visit my cousin Robert and his family up there.  Quite a bit further to drive than I thought but I had a great time – they made me feel very welcome and shared their wonderful house with me.  They really are living the Aussie dream up there although the sun and humidity kicked my ass!

Melbourne was cold and damp, but I finally got to run the Tan Track and really enjoyed that, although I was starting to feel rundown even then, so the hill halfway round was a bear.  Track itself is just short of 4km, but distance to and from my hotel at the far end of Flinders Lane in docklands meant that it added up to 5 miles total.  I was out there early Saturday morning after some joker rang my room at 5am and woke me up; and then flew to Sydney that morning – that’s probably where the downward spiral began because a hard run in the cold and damp  followed by a packed flight is a great recipe for respiratory infections.

One thing, though, in both places was the high number of walkers and runners out there which made me feel really good about being a part of that.  It’s probably why I should be heading to the east or west sides to run along the river rather than just stay on the treadmill at the gym next door.

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