Norway Run

And to make a change from the bitching about people like AT&T and AmEX – something positive.

I finished the Norway Run last weekend in 16:07 which is a 9:28 / mile pace. ¬†Granted that’s a short race, but I’m getting back to the pace I ran in the spring in Brooklyn, so I think I just do much better with cooler weather.

I have three more races still scheduled for the year –

  • Poland Springs 5 mile in the park on 10/31,
  • Race to Deliver 4 mile on 11/21
  • Joe Kleinerman 10k on 12/5

I’ll probably throw a couple of extras in there too to make doubly sure I hit the 9+1 requirement for the 2011 marathon and then it’s right into training for that. ¬†So even with three weeks off for this blasted bronchitis and sinus infection (which still isn’t cleared) I’m feeling like I’m on the right path.

So here are some more Goals:

  • Get pace close to or under 9 min/mile for 4 miles before end of year
  • Finish another three races (at least) and qualify for the marathon next year
  • Improve my diet along with the training and figure out how to get more protein
  • Add some spin classes to the mix

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