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So, I’ve been using a beater 2006 core Duo MBP since I joined TEAM. I’d actually made the move to OS X before then on a hackintoshed Dell Mini 10, but I’ve been fully migrated for a while now. As you might expect, a 7 year old laptop that had been beaten on before I ever got it and that maxes out at 3 GB of RAM has had a hard time keeping up with my use and the ever more bloated demands of software. I put in a hybrid 500GB HD a year or so ago and that was a stopgap but the writing has been on the wall for a while now.
For complicated reasons my company isn’t giving me a replacement OS X laptop so I was on my own and when it came to my own money, $2000-2500 for a 13″ Air or 15″ MBP seems like a lot. So I thought I would try the idea of a mac mini plus iPad to replace a laptop and I’ll be writing about my experiences as I go. I also have a Dell laptop running Win 7 as a backup, but it’s shit, so the less I use that the better.
The saga starts today – my refurbished mini arrived with a 1 TB drive. I added the 16GB of RAM I ordered from Crucial (at less than the cost for 8GB from Apple) and all the cables from Monoprice arrived earlier in the week. I’ll be using my Mac k/b, twin 19″ monitors (1 DVI to HDMI port, another to minidisplay/thunderbolt port). It’s all ready to go, but I don’t have time to set it all up as I’m super busy with work and we are going away for the weekend. Probably start importing content during the evenings next week, so realistically it will take most of week to fully migrate. Then I have to figure the best way to have 20-50 GB of content available to my iPad while travelling with limited to zero connectivity – thinking one of the external HDs with local wifi connection is the way to go for that, but I also have a 50GB Box account and 20 GB dropbox account as well.

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