Books read 2015

I wanted to track these on a page rather than a blog listing.  It’s a list I will update as I remember.


  • The Peripheral – William Gibson I can’t praise this book enough – it is so good and so well-executed.  On my trip to NFLD I listened to Neuromancer as an audiobook and I see some similarities between the Tessier-Ashpool family in that book and the Russian “klept”families in future London.  Read this book!
  • Granta 129 – Fate I’ve been reading Granta since I found a copy of issue 7 (Young British Novelists) in the Nelson public library in 1983.  This a typically good selection of different voices and genres (although I have to admit I skipped the type-written piece by Will Self channeling J. G. Ballard). I have every issue of Granta from volume 13 to this; I did have to replace 3 issues last year for copies that had disappeared over the years.  When I move I’ll probably order 1-12 from Amazon to get a complete set.
  • New Yorker / Wired / The Week / Dwell – as they come.  I guess I’m old school for still subscribing to paper magazines.
  • This is How You Lose Her – Junot Diaz I don’t remember where I first heard about this book.  I thought I heard him read at Behind the Book reading series, but he’s not listed and maybe I am misremembering.  Anyway – great fiction, highly recommended.
  • The Difference Engine – William Gibson and Bruce Sterling Re-reading this for the first time since it came out in 1990 (or shortly thereafter).  I think it’s under-rated and really enjoy the world they created in late 19th century England. I didn’t recall any of the plot from the last third of the book and wonder if I did not finish it back in the day. I hope Bruce is going to be touring some time soon so he can add his signature to Bill’s on my copy.

February/ March / April

What the hell was I reading?  Not books, apparently.


  • Preparation for the Next Life – Atticus Lish I saw Atticus read at behind the book and really enjoyed his reading so I got the book at the Strand.  It was fine at first, but the misery of the characters and their tough lives in the second half of the book just got too much for me and made it hard for me to pick up.  So rather than move onto something else I struggled for a while.  I’ll return to it another time and hope that it resonates better,  It’s well written and the characters are so real they made me sad.


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