Trip to Grange-over-Sands

I got back from the UK on Tuesday afternoon after a flying (no pun intended) visit to the UK for my mother’s 70th birthday dinner (although she claims it was the annual old lags dinner that just happened to be a couple of weeks after her birthday).  After almost missing my flight in Newark on Thursday night – thanks NJ Transit – I flew via Frankfurt to Manchester. 

Mick and Helena came over for the dinner as well and we went walking up Gummer’s Howe on saturday morning and then had lunch at the Masons Arms.  Two beers at lunch then morphed to a few more beers at the truly awful Commodore Hotel in Grange, drinks before and during dinner, etc. etc.  I suppose the boys (and girls) there are more used to this kind of thing.

More later,  but here’s a pic from Arnside (across the estuary from Grange)



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