Oregon – 48th of 50

I’m traveling to Portland, OR next week to meet with some clients and it will be the first time I’ve had a chance to visit Oregon.  Seems strange to me, since I’ve always heard great things about Portland and the areas around it and I’ve been to all its neighbouring states.

Oregon will be the 48th of 50 states that I will have visited, so after that I just have Mississippi and Alabama, which I should be able to check off together in a short trip (even though the south scares me more than most places).

In Canada, I’ve been to every province and territory from Quebec west, so I just have the Atlantic provinces to cover.  I’m hoping to get to some of them this summer.  I’ve been at the airport in Kuujjuaq a bunch of times, but just visiting the airport doesn’t count in my book, so I really need to count Nunavik and Labrador as separate regions if I want to cover all my options in Canada.


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