Hard Times?

It’s been a tough couple of weeks  – traveling takes its toll and life carries on in the big city even when you are away.  It’s also hard to have your heart broken a couple of times in (relatively) quick succession.

It got very hot in NYC in a short time – although the humidity has yet to kick in and make it unpleasant – what happened to spring?  Last Monday it was raining and felt almost cold enough to snow, by Friday it was sitting on the terrace weather.  It’s been 80 degrees plus (26 Celsius plus for everyone who doesn’t live in the USA, Liberia, or Burma/Myanmar) for the last four days.  As long as there’s a breeze, it’s very nice (reminds me of Kauai), but I wonder if these weather patterns with above normal temps will stick around through the summer and make things unpleasant.

But hey – life is still pretty good in the big picture.  I could be a dog trying to figure out what this sign from Narita is telling me.



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