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On the Vineyard

I love Martha’s Vineyard – another case of where I’m surprised that I like somewhere.  Sure the rich people and the crowds bug me, but is that so different from NYC?  I have a dream that one day I’ll be … Continue reading

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Dimitri (Raven) Ravinoff

Until a man is twenty-five, he still thinks, every so often, that under the right circumstances, he could be the baddest motherfucker in the world. … Hiro used to feel that way, too, but then he ran into Raven. In … Continue reading

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Citi Field

As a resident of New York City (and therefore a partial contributor to the $800 million cost of the new stadium), I’m interested to look and see what my tax dollars have contributed to.  Cliff Cate was in town and suggested … Continue reading

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Spring weather in NYC

It’s cold(ish), windy and rainy in the city today and it made me reflect on the strange spring we have had so far – alternating substantially above-normal temperatures with below-normal.  I wanted to see if this perception was just in … Continue reading

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When did Jesse Ventura become the voice of reason?

Actually, that’s not a fair headline, because the answer is that he’s been the voice of reason for a long time. As a barely-tolerated alien in the USA (taxed without representation) I didn’t get the chance to vote for Jesse … Continue reading

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Schneier on Security: An Expectation of Online Privacy

Schneier on Security: An Expectation of Online Privacy. Very important and well-expressed article from Bruce Schneier.  This guy really gets the intersection of security, privacy, and liberty – and the connected threats to all three.  For me, the major threat … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Austin?

It occurred to me this week that 2/3 of the women I have loved in my life ended up in Austin, TX.  That seems a pretty big coincidence to me and I wonder what the attraction is (apart from weather, … Continue reading

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