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Nova Scotia

I’m actually posting this from New Brunswick, but it’s the same (Atlantic) time zone as Nova Scotia so I think it counts.  I was away for the past week in NS and had a great time just touring and taking … Continue reading

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More Akla and Bear pics

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Goodbye, Akla

A very, very tough day last Wednesday as I had to make the decision to put Akla to sleep.  He was 13 1/2 years old, which is remarkable for a big dog and he had made it through at least … Continue reading

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Just gets better

So I finally got to the hotel around 930pm (rather than 7pm as planned) – cranky, tired, low blood sugar, etc. etc. This morning I get a call saying that the meeting I came down for is cancelled.  Oh well, … Continue reading

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District of Columbia

Heading to DC for a meeting tomorrow.  Should I take the train or fly – well, Accela is more expensive than flying, and I am nothing if not a mileage whore.  So I chose to fly on the US Airways … Continue reading

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