This has bugged me for a while

Mostly because it offends me that airlines think we are so stupid.  It’s the practice of advertising air fares at less than half their true cost with the following disclaimer (from United’s email today, but could be any of the American airlines): “Sample airfares shown are each way based on required roundtrip travel.”

Why is this legal?  It just seems untrue, misleading, and most of all stupid.

Let’s follow their example: 

“Drive the new Ford Fusion for only $6000 (sample price is per wheel based on required four wheel purchase)”

“Come and see the new Saw 15 movie for only 10 cents (sample price is per minute based on required 90 minute purchase)”

“Try Subway’s new 42 cent foot longs (sample price is per inch based on required 12″ purchase)”

If you could at least buy a one way flight for this cost, that would be one thing, because most people will fly round trip anyway – but I know from experience that often one-way flights are a lot more than half the cost of a round trip – in some cases they are more. But overall the main thing that bothers me is the assumption of stupidity on the part of purchasers.  Or am I just naive?


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