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Went a great talk at B&N last night given by David Byrne and three other panelists.  Mainly a book launch for DB’s new Bicycle Diaries book, but also a discussion on urban planning / transportation, etc.

Which led me to think:  I love biking and I’m a huge bike advocate.  I have a bike in the city and I rarely use it – because I like to walk as well.  The picture above is from Buenos Aires and shows some heavily modded lowrider bikes on the River Plate promenade.  I walked everywhere in BA, but if I’d had a bike would I have seen more?  A wider area, but fewer details?  Would I have seen these bikes if I were riding by as opposed to walking by?

And if that’s not the mark of a great presentation and book, then what is?  It raised interesting questions, the book itself is great (as far as I have read).  I’m waiting eagerly for dirigible jellyfish buses, houses made of living trees and vat-grown meat, and more and better bike lanes in NYC and further out.

Time for a bike trip to Staten Island.


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