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Eddie Izzard at the Bleeker Theatre

Fantastic show on Sunday evening by Eddie Izzard at the Bleeker Theatre.  Kim found out about this unadvertised warm-up show and managed to actually score some tickets for it!  As you can see from the photo above (thanks to Kim’s … Continue reading

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Is the US the “greatest country in the world”?

Fascinating Op-Ed by Neil Gabler on the Boston Globe website questioning the reflexive statement of the superiority of the US made by almost all politicians and media in this country. I’ve lived in the US for over 20 years now (with … Continue reading

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Construction work in NYC

I’m a little jet lagged and cranky after getting back from London on Saturday evening.  So I’m waking at 5 or 6am and lying in bed and today I started hearing construction workers cutting metal and drilling into cement or … Continue reading

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