Construction work in NYC

I’m a little jet lagged and cranky after getting back from London on Saturday evening. 

So I’m waking at 5 or 6am and lying in bed and today I started hearing construction workers cutting metal and drilling into cement or the road with pneumatic drills (jackhammers).  I think they started around 7am, but it was obnoxiously loud at 730 or so.  Now I’m sitting at my desk at 1030, and the neighbourhood is silent :-).

Thanks, construction workers for proving that you can be obnoxious assholes.

(I should add that this is not a purely NYC or USA phenomenom – when I was living at the Kate Sheppard Apartments in Wellington, the workers would always make as much noise as they could on saturday mornings around 8am and then quiet down for the rest of the day).

Just to be clear – I understand that it might suck to be digging ditches or unloading scaffolding trucks (although in NYC unionized construction workers make more money than I do).  But I don’t understand the thinking behind deliberately annoying everyone around them because they had to be up early for work.  Perhaps they also ride straight-pipe Harleys on the weekend as well?


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