Eddie Izzard at the Bleeker Theatre


Fantastic show on Sunday evening by Eddie Izzard at the Bleeker Theatre.  Kim found out about this unadvertised warm-up show and managed to actually score some tickets for it!  As you can see from the photo above (thanks to Kim’s iPhone) we were in the front row of a 200-250 seat workshop theatre space, so it doesn’t get better than that.

His act was typically good, and it really felt like he was trying out new material and noting where things didn’t work (almost nothing).  He started on an atheist kick and returned to the theme many times during the evening – I wonder how that will go down outside NY and LA?  One particular strange segment was where he played a recording of his death star canteen piece from his iPhone into the microphone – I guess that’s metacomedy.

This is the second time that I had seen him do a pre-tour warmup show – a couple of years ago he did a number of nights at a place near Union Square and I’d say this show was better (even though that was excellent too).  He was on stage for almost 2 1/2 hours and covered tons and tons of ground – he really is the best-read and widest-ranging comedian out there today.  This is the reason to live in NYC – for one-off events like this.

Next stop, R Crumb book signing on Friday.  Can Crumb be as weird as I think he is?


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