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Rainy and Windy

We have English winter weather today in NYC – pouring rain, winds gusting to 40 mph.  Reminds me of so many days and nights in the north of England and also feels like Wellington too.  I get a really clear … Continue reading

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NYC half marathon

Well, after my last somewhat cranky, low blood sugar post I have a more positive good-news thing to share.  I got in through the lottery for the NYC half marathon and so I’ll be running 13.1 miles on March 21 and … Continue reading

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Airport Food? Just carry Clif bars

It’s hardly original to criticize airline and airport food, but why not add to the voluminous literature on the subject? Well, airline food has pretty much disappeared so that rules out that area.  Except for international flights – but it’s … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

I’m a great believer in new beginnings and starting afresh each new year.  And while last year had some good times, overall it sucked ass.  So goodbye and good riddance to 2009 and welcome to 2010 where new opportunities, new … Continue reading

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