It was my birthday yesterday; Kim threw me a lovely party on the roof which was very touching and appreciated.  I’m not very good at letting myself be at the center of attention like that, but it was small group of friends and a lot of fun.

And then I got this as a gift – how awesome is it (and I mean awesome in the literal sense of actually inspiring awe, not the devalued sense so often used)?

I also got tickets to Die Antwoord show next weekend – if you don’t know who they are, you should. (Start here).

<< I’m guessing I may be the first person to link Lemmy and Ninja in a post >>

P.S. When is Lemmy: The Movie opening?


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  1. Avatar anne says:


    As it’s been a special year, I am happy to wish you a happy birthday …from Spain ¡
    Anne from Grenoble

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