NYC Marathon 2011

Well, the application is in for the NYC marathon next year and (unless I manage to screw something up), I should be in automatically with the 9+1 program through NY Road Runners.  I have run 6 races so far this year and and I have three more to go – a 4 mile on Nov 21, a 10k on december 5, and a 15k on December 19.  I even managed to register twice for the Kleinermann 10k!  Maybe I’ll get two shirts.

I also registered for the NYC half in March, which I ran last year, but that’s a lottery and no guarantees.

Who would ever have thought I’d be able to even think of running those distances?  But almost 400 training and race miles this year so far (and another hundred or so left in the year) and a couple of setbacks with a hip injury in the summer and a nasty chest infection in the fall, I guess I’m getting to be somewhat serious about this.


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