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Managing Contacts in OS X

This appears to be needlessly complex – at the moment I now have 4 or 5 different versions of each contact on the Mac Mini.  Thankfully the iPad and iPhone only appear to have a single version each. I think … Continue reading

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Humbled by Surfing

I’ve always wanted to be able to surf – not in the Kelly Slater athletic way or Laird Hamilton giant, scary, deadly waves way (although those are both great), but in the mellow get in the ocean, enjoy the swell, … Continue reading

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Some pics from my San Diego trip

Pacific Beach on a Wednesday night.  Wish I’d taken my wetsuit.    

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Don’t buy a Seagate Momentus XT drive if you have a Mac

I bought this hybrid 500GB drive for my old MacBook Pro and had endless issues with it.  If it wasn’t for the actual laptop beginning to die, I think I would have been able to ascribe more of the issues … Continue reading

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