What I learned traveling to all 50 states

Actually, before I get to that – let me tell you what I learned on my trip to Mississippi and Alabama – the final two states I had to visit


  • Mobile has some wonderful architecture and a very nice main street (when you get away from the overbuilt convention center and stuff)



  • I thought I had experienced heat and humidity before – but nothing compares to 92 F at 830 in the morning with close to 100% humidity.  No wonder people move slowly around here.  And this was in September – not July or August



  • Montgomery AL is also a pretty city downtown – until you start to remember who built all those buildings and where the money for that came from.  Still, I was impressed that they had preserved things and improved the small area around the station.


  • The Pettus bridge in Selma, AL looks *exactly* the same as it does in the photos of white cops beating civil rights marchers 50 years ago.



  • Natchez MI is very pretty and well worth a visit – just don’t think about who built those houses. Great architecture, also hot and humid



Funny thing was that all my friends in NYC and Europe thought an opinionated Brit who lives in NY and talks weird would end up beaten in a ditch – but in fact people couldn’t have been nicer.  Only person who was weird was a middle aged white guy who thought I was a rival college football fan because I was wearing a red baseball cap.

I’ll finish the broader theme of what I learned in all 50 states next post.


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