Should I stay or should I go?

The apartment sale has not been going as quickly as I had hoped (listing here if you are interested in an NYC pied-à-terre) and the whole experience has been absurdly stressful.  Seems like it’s a sellers market in Brooklyn , where we want to buy, but a buyers’ market 5 miles away in Manhattan.  Seems hard to believe, but out of my control.

It had all been getting to me (and to Kim) to the point that we had started to say “fuck it, we just aren’t rich enough to live in the city”.  I then started to try and list all the cities we might consider to move to.  My requirements are far more spartan than Kim’s, so I focussed on places that wouldn’t be too much of a jump for her (not too wild, too hot, too cold, too hippy, too isolated, etc.) Portland, Maine has always been a pretty high contender on that list and so we are going to look up there in July.  A nice 2 bed / 2 bath condo right on the water is the same price as a studio here (although we would need a car).

But as soon as I say “I’m outta here” NYC fights back – and Kim manages to get tickets for Debbie Harry and Chris Stein talking at the 92nd St Y.  For all its merits, I would imagine Portland doesn’t get events like that on a regular week night.  It was a great event – hard to believe that there was Ms Harry – still looking great – and Mr Stein talking about CBGBs and how everyone spent all their time back in the “good old days” complaining about how hard life was in the city and how they were all going to leave. Plus ça change…

So there we are; after having literally dozens of pics of Blondie (ok, I admit it, mostly Debbie Harry) on my bedroom wall back in Nelson I get to hear her talk and reminisce about those days 35 years later – circle of life, I suppose.

As for whether we’ll move to BK or somewhere else, stay tuned.  Gotta sell this place first.


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