100 Healthy Days

As of September 15 I decided to step up my commitment to health and fitness with the 100 healthy days challenge.  I’m generally pretty active and eat reasonably well, but my gut indicates I could do better at both.  I first became aware of this effort through @caro on twitter and I like the accountability and awareness of tracking progress and staying on track.

I chose monday to start as the 100 days will then take me right up to Christmas – although I’m hoping that the good habits embedded in this process will then last for the next 12,000 plus healthy days.

So – day one, decent start.  Regular breakfast, healthier than usual lunch, regular dinner. 50 minutes on the bike at the gym – and even though it was at an easier setting then usual, I could feel the fact that I’ve been away from the gym for three weeks or so.  Also made more effort than normal to drink water.


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