100 Healthy Days – days 4 & 5

Decent progress continues – stuck to regular diet and rode the bike for 50 minutes at the gym yesterday.  I think the key for me is the little changes making this commitment forces.  On Wednesday night, after a four mile walk around the EV, I stopped at Maoz to grab a falafel sandwich for dinner.  Most times I would have had the fries with it too, but this time it was just the sandwich.  I think (hope?) that it will be these small changes that add up.

Today I also set about cooking more of multi-bean high-protein chili to refill the freezer and keep me going for lunches and dinners through the next couple of weeks.  I soaked the beans last night and ended up putting WAY too many in the pot.  So now I have literally gallons of chili cooking on the stove. (One great advantage of working from home is that you can cook long-simmering things during the day).  I’m completely happy eating the same thing for days on end, but I’m not sure I’ll have freezer space or containers for all of it.

Recipe (in case anyone is interested):

  • Beans – black, red, pinto, navy, mung, adzuki, green lentil, brown lentil, chick pea
  • Crushed tomatoes
  • Garlic, onions, leeks – organic from farmers market
  • Quorn crumbles – I usually don’t bother but I had them in my freezer and they were getting old
  • Red, orange, and purple peppers – also organic from Union square market
  • Zucchini – also organic from market
  • Carrots – none at the market today, so these are from Whole Foods
  • Jalapeño peppers – from Farmers Market
  • Paprika, cayenne, cumin



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