100 Healthy Days – days 6,7, & 8

Hmm – setbacks so early?

Weekends were always going to be a challenge – eating out, having some drinks, blowing off the gym.

Suffice to say all those things happened along with unhappiness, because this fucking apartment sale is driving me crazy.  Which makes me sad, and then …

I did walk through the EV on Saturday after brunch, and I did have healthy breakfasts every day.  I walked in BK in the heat on Sunday and got very dehydrated and very pissed off. I slept poorly every night. I ate cheese on Sunday which exacerbated my chest congestion.

Reset button pushed and we are on day nine, and how to deal with challenges and stress is part of growing and improving. Start simply: sleep (reasonably) well. Have a healthy breakfast. Sidetrack – get annoyed and angry at Microsoft tech support. Do some pushups. Clean the kitchen. Heat up some healthy chilli for lunch.


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