100 Healthy Days – days 12, 13, & 14

The second weekend of my challenge went WAY better than the first.  Friday night I walked up to meet Kim from work, we had dinner at Penelope and then walked back – 4 miles RT to help digest dinner.

We were up early on Saturday to take a truck load of boxes to storage and completely re-organized the unit to generate what looked like more space than there had been in there before.  Another walk to the west village for brunch after the box-lifting and a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday was another early start and I went surfing out to Long Beach.  Not many decent waves, but I also swam as well as surfed.  I really need to work on shoulder and paddling strength over the winter as that is what is really hurting me.  Back at lunchtime and then a walk over to the Apple store on West 14th to check out the new iPhones and then down to Marshall Stack to meet Billy for a couple of beers.  I feel like 2 or 3 beers are justified after 90 minutes in the sea and 61/2 miles walking.  And in the spirit of being encouraged to make small changes by this commitment, rather than eat at the bar or order take out on Sunday night, I stopped at WF salad bar on the way home and put together a way better dinner.


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