100 Healthy Days – day 43

So I haven’t really been reporting and I have fallen off the wagon a little bit over the last couple of weeks – and then regained focus this week. I do feel like I’ve been paying more attention both to diet and exercise in the previous month compared to the rest of the year. I had not been sleeping well with the change in seasons last week, but getting back to the gym has taken care of that mostly.  We still alternate between cold and damp days and overly warm for the time of year and that’s never a good thing.

I did plan a trip to Newfoundland over Thanksgiving – a boost for my mental health – and I am very much looking to getting out in the wilds, even if it is cold and wet.

Low carb vegetarianism continues to elude me mostly, although I have cut the vestiges of pure fructose in the form of cranberry juice ice pops I used to eat most nights.  I also dropped Tim Ferriss’s metabolic supplement suggestions since I had seen absolutely zero impact in 6 months and I don’t need to waste the money.  I may well do the same with the flax seed oil when it runs out.

No easy answers at all – I’m doing 90% right, but obviously something is fucked up in my metabolism because it can’t be normal for a 230 pound physically active male to consume 1500 calories a day and not see any weight loss. Oh well, I should be happy I’m healthy and active and stronger than the vast majority of my peers


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