I had breakfast this morning with an old college friend.  He was in town to run the NY marathon for charity and I reached out to him on twitter and made the time to catch up.  He was my best friend at University, but after I came to study in North America we lost touch and I literally had not spoken to him in over 25 years.

It was a great breakfast and a chance to catch up and reconnect.  I met his wife of 25 years for the first time, heard all about their kids, and his career and life over the intervening time.  It was great fun, and I wonder why we lost touch, because we have so much in common.  What it made me realize is that a large part of this commitment to healthy life I am undertaking is the mental health aspect and maintaining and fulfilling friendships for the sake of sanity, stress relief, and enjoyment.

There are many studies that show the health benefits of good friends.  If you make those friends the kind of people who run marathons for charity, or who will go skiing or surfing with you, then that’s even better.


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