Update and clarification on Windows Phone

The last post on my and my mother’s frustration with her new Windows Mobile phone generated the most feedback of any blog post I have ever posted here.  Most of the feedback was well intentioned (I approved every comment that wasn’t obviously spam, including some that were very rude) and I appreciate everyone taking the time to read this and respond.

In terms of clarification – I focused on Windows Mobile as the source of her frustration, since she got a Lumia phone, but I am 90% sure that we would have had the same issues with Android or iOS.  The only exception being that it would have been easier for me to guide her through iOS as that’s the platform I know best. Despite what some people thought, I am not an iOS fanboi, or an Android shill, nor am I paid to beat up on WinMo. Personally I use iOS because I also use OSX and its easiest for me to use the same platform across the board (not as easy as promised or it should be, but that’s another post).  I think the only thing that is different and more challenging for her with WinMo is the tile concept – where simpler icons might have been less confusing.  On the other hand, perhaps different sized tiles correctly configured would have been best.

As far as an update – my Mum returned her Lumia and got the the Doro 612

DORO-612_BLACK_1As far as I can tell, it’s a 6 or more year old commodity feature phone  but its screen is easier to read than the antique monochrome Nokia she had before.  Personally, I think Doro are coining money by selling obsolete phones at a premium, but one thing they do well is cater to their demographic.  My Mum was very happy that the phone came with a printed instruction book which she read cover to cover and filed for future reference.  Its not what I would have chosen of her, but Christmas is about giving people what they want, not proving a point.  At least texting and calling will be easier for her on this and she can access her emails as she always has, through the library.

Lesson learned.


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  2. Avatar themadridking says:

    Glad its all sorted out. Happy New Year

  3. Avatar Mark says:

    Don’t knock Doro, they make small volumes of quite carefully thought through devices.

    If it were a fantastically profitable segment of the market lots of firms would be in it.

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