Fitbit Charge HR

I finally broke down and got the Fitbit Charge HR last week (AT&T had a 15% off sale) and so far I am liking it.  The trouble with the market being saturated with wearables right now is that there is way too much choice and people like me just hang back to see what survives.


I did think about going for the GPS / HR watch – something like the Garmin or the Suunto and even got to the point of putting the Suunto into my basket on before I decided that $400 was a big step to take.  I also wanted to get away from the chest strap HR monitor – even though it is supposed to be more accurate, it doesn’t work at all for me on the bike, no matter how I adjust the strap.

So far I like the long battery life, the subtle pressure to add a few more steps a day to get to the 10,000 goal, the HR tracking, and the sleep monitoring.

I don’t like the web reports and the fact that they want to take even more money from you to get better reporting, the fact that it isn’t waterproof, and the lack of integration with apple health.

At a little over $100 on sale I think it’s a good start, and now I will know in 6 months or so whether its worth spending more money to get something with more features.


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