Pixies at the Beacon – first in a series

It’s turning into the summer of live music for Kim and me – starting with the Pixies at the Beacon last week.IMG_1348I love the Beacon Theatre as a venue – I’ve seen Van there twice and saw Eddie Vedder there some years ago (before it was renovated, I think).  I know I’ve seen some other bands there, too, but blanking on them at the moment.

So the Pixies were good – although I don’t think I have ever seen a band play as many songs in their set (possible exception, Dr. Feelgood in 1979 or 1980).  I’ve certainly never seen a band live that had as little interaction with the audience – and that includes such well-known curmudgeons as Van Morrison, Bauhaus, and Bob Dylan.  When Black Francis makes Van M and Bob D seem chatty and friendly it says a lot about him!


Coming up, I’m seeing Van again at the tennis center in Queens in a couple of weeks.  We are seeing Morrisey and Blondie at MSG at the end of the month and the Foo Fighters at Citi Field in July.

And, despite TicketMaster’s best efforts to fuck me over, I was able to get tickets for Of Monsters and Men (also at the Beacon) in September. The thieving bastards at T-M manage to add $14 of bogus charges to *each* $45 ticket price while also keeping 80% of the seats for scalpers and friends.



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