Thanks to the guy who yelled at me and Roxy on the beach.

(You were wrong, by the way, dogs are allowed on the beach after hours)

It’s now three days later and I still think about how I could have responded better or not at all. A piece of friendly advice – if you find the need to yell at strangers and enforce your view of how other people should behave, you’re probably going to have a hard time.

Who are you? What makes you think you have the right to impose your will on other people using a public beach paid for by donations from the people of the Borough after the 1938 hurricane?

I’m sure you forgot about yelling at other people from the safety of the water – where, ironically, you were also breaking the posted beach rules by swimming outside the area demarcated by the breakwaters – right after it happened. I’m sure it’s a regular occurrence for you: shouting at your spouse, your children, employees, service people. Demanding they do things your way.

OK. I’m finished. Be gone with you. You have no place in my thoughts


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