How I Lost Thirty Pounds

After 15-20 years of trying to exercise my way to weight loss; I discovered that, for me, that’s not a viable path.

After a few false starts, I have found that the boring basics work.

  • Weigh yourself everyday at the same time.
  • Track every meal on a calorie counter
  • Keep total calories low – for me it’s a very low 1200-1500 kCal/day. YMMV
  • Mostly give up empty calories like alcohol, ice cream, sweet treats
  • Keep on exercising every day

That’s what is working for me – I haven’t really changed a lot what I eat except for smaller portion sizes (generally about 50% of what I though was right) and eliminating the various needless snacks.

It sucks, but this is my life now and for once it’s actually working


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