I’ve mostly avoided this topic – it’s been hard for me not to travel at all for the past five months. This must be the longest period of staying close to home for me for the past 30 or more years. I’ve been on four flights this year (MAN-EWR, EWR-BOS in early January and BOS-CUN and back in early March).

This is good for the planet and something I probably should have tried to do before, but it’s hard not to travel for work or for pleasure.

One of the silly things that I think about is that I am at 980,000 lifetime miles on United and I really expected to hit a million this year. Which would counter-intuitively lead to me traveling less in some circumstances because I wouldn’t need to ever do a mileage run to keep gold. Delta have managed to lose about half a million of my lifetime miles but there would be no point aiming for million mile status there since that gets you (checks notes) a luggage tag and lifetime silver status – which in turn is worth precisely fuck-all.

For what it’s worth, here are my planned destinations when we can get back to seeing the world:

  • Iqaluit (again)
  • Yellowknife (again) – maybe drive there and go across the new bridge
  • Iceland (again) – with Kim
  • Venice (again) – in winter or fall
  • New Zealand – far North with Kim
  • Tasmania
  • Vancouver Island and maybe Haida Gwai
  • Rural France (again)
  • Amsterdam (again) with Kim
  • Finland

Where else should I dream of going?


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