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Calvin Klein Underwear – Pro Stretch

Possibly TMI for some people but I have worn the same style of CK underwear for many years. So, of course, it was discontinued. Trying to find a similar replacement was complicated and frustrating and made more difficult by what … Continue reading

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I’ve mostly avoided this topic – it’s been hard for me not to travel at all for the past five months. This must be the longest period of staying close to home for me for the past 30 or more … Continue reading

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Evolution of New York City, in context

I was listening to an “In Our Time” (my new favorite podcast) episode on the history of the city and was struck by the discussion on the impact of development on pre-existing cities. ┬áMost of the discussion was on European … Continue reading

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Vegetable Stew

I’m very lucky in that I live a couple of blocks from the best Farmers’ Market in New York City – the one that most of the chefs in town send their staff to buy the freshest in-season produce (a … Continue reading

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Updating my apartment

I have big plans for my very small apartment – but, of course, they are limited by funds, skill, and time available. ┬áStill, I’m starting small and making some progress as I go – I upgraded my work desk and … Continue reading

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