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Should I stay or should I go?

The apartment sale has not been going as quickly as I had hoped (listing here if you are interested in an NYC pied-à-terre) and the whole experience has been absurdly stressful.  Seems like it’s a sellers market in Brooklyn , … Continue reading

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Apple launches three-factor security, incorrectly calls it two-factor

In 2008, when MobileMe was first launched, Steve Jobs was apoplectic at its flaky, poor functionality – he told the team that they “should hate each other for having let each other down” (source). iCloud replaced MobileMe, and in some cases … Continue reading

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Van Morrison – at the Beacon Theatre 11/26/13

As good a show as I have ever seen Van perform.  I am very glad I didn’t waste my money on tickets for the awful Madison Square Garden – the Beacon Theatre (where I saw him do Astral Weeks live) … Continue reading

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What I learned traveling to all 50 states

Actually, before I get to that – let me tell you what I learned on my trip to Mississippi and Alabama – the final two states I had to visit   Mobile has some wonderful architecture and a very nice … Continue reading

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The Raoulinator (surfboard)

I took a class at 3rd Ward last summer to shape a surfboard – taught by the phenomenal Mr. David Murphy.  He’s a master of surf shaping and I can’t praise his knowledge, teaching skill, and craft enough.  If you … Continue reading

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Humbled by Surfing

I’ve always wanted to be able to surf – not in the Kelly Slater athletic way or Laird Hamilton giant, scary, deadly waves way (although those are both great), but in the mellow get in the ocean, enjoy the swell, … Continue reading

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Mac Mini is here

So, I’ve been using a beater 2006 core Duo MBP since I joined TEAM. I’d actually made the move to OS X before then on a hackintoshed Dell Mini 10, but I’ve been fully migrated for a while now. As … Continue reading

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My friend Jen told me last night that I’m the most politically-charged non voter she has ever met.  Well, I’m not a non voter by choice, but she has a point. I believe in righting wrongs and fighting injustice and … Continue reading

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Vegetable Stew

I’m very lucky in that I live a couple of blocks from the best Farmers’ Market in New York City – the one that most of the chefs in town send their staff to buy the freshest in-season produce (a … Continue reading

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All I want to do is watch Region 2 DVDs

I’m from England, I also travel a lot to other parts of the world – South America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, and Asia.  Sometimes I buy DVDs in those places that are not available in the USA. Currently those … Continue reading

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Back after a Hiatus

It’s been quite a while since I posted here – I embraced twitter, but that’s a very different forum for ideas So – I’ll be making a conscious effort to post more regularly here and post some pics, some achievements, … Continue reading

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Winter in the UK

As a Brit, a Geographer, and someone has lived many places and traveled to many more; I am fascinated and puzzled by the British attitude to the weather. I could fill dozens if not hundreds of pages about various UK … Continue reading

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NYC Marathon 2011

Well, the application is in for the NYC marathon next year and (unless I manage to screw something up), I should be in automatically with the 9+1 program through NY Road Runners.  I have run 6 races so far this … Continue reading

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Norway Run

And to make a change from the bitching about people like AT&T and AmEX – something positive. I finished the Norway Run last weekend in 16:07 which is a 9:28 / mile pace.  Granted that’s a short race, but I’m … Continue reading

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American Express are thieves

In common with most of the rest of the parasitic “financial services” industry they don’t deserve to remain in business. Their latest bullshit is to inform me that the “membership rewards” I earned by charging over $100,000 in business travel … Continue reading

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Sick while traveling

Always a pain.  Heading back to the US tomorrow and very much looking forward to getting home, rested and back to my usual diet, sleep habits and workouts.  I’ve been in Townsville, Cairns, back to Townsville, Melbourne, and now Sydney. … Continue reading

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How much does AT&T suck? Let me count the ways

My original iPhone is finally dying and I decided it was time for the iPhone 4 upgrade.  In fact, I tried to get on board that train the first day of release, but AT&T’s crappy website left me without a … Continue reading

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Die Antwoord in Brooklyn

If you don’t know who Die Antwoord are, go here to see the Ninja video and then come back. Kim bought me tickets to see them last Sunday and we trekked into darkest Williamsburg to the Music Hall for the … Continue reading

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It was my birthday yesterday; Kim threw me a lovely party on the roof which was very touching and appreciated.  I’m not very good at letting myself be at the center of attention like that, but it was small group … Continue reading

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Hot and cold

OK it’s weather rather than climate – but as we are in record-breaking heat in NYC, it’s record cold in Alice Springs. But Michael Mann used the word “trick” in a private email that was stolen and published, so clearly … Continue reading

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